WHO, what & how?

Who Are We?


We are pro-EU Campaigners from Leatherhead, Dorking, Cobham & Epsom in Surrey.  We are very fortunate to be only one hour and £7.40 from the start of the march (but less fortunate to have Chris Grayling, Dominic Raab & Sir Paul Beresford as our MPs!)

You will have seen many of us at SODEM, the No.10 Vigil, on the "Is It Worth It?" bus, on previous marches, attending rallies and supporting the B@ll@cks to Brexit bus.  You may have also seen some of us on the telly!

We thought the best way to support the march is to help others get there too.

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What we are doing?


We are crowdfunding to raise money to support those who live further away from London than we do and who would otherwise find it difficult or too expensive to get to the march

If, like us, it won't cost you a small fortune to get to London or you can't get to the march yourself (or, unlike us, you have a small fortune of your own), please donate what you can to help us help others get there on 23rd March

You can donate by visiting our gofundme Account here.

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How does it work?


If you want to join the march but can't get to the many buses that are being organised to get people to London or you will find it too expensive to travel, register here. We will cover the cost of a train ticket for you.

The offer is open to anyone living in the UK or N. Ireland, outside the M25, up to a maximum of £100  per person but we hope that only those who really need assistance with the cost of a ticket will register.  

If you don't need help, perhaps you would like to donate to help those who do?

Thank you for anything you are able to give.

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Trains & Boats & Planes

The complexity of trying to manage a full range of transport options, means that we are only able to offer help with rail travel.

Subject to receiving sufficient donations, costs for second class return rail tickets to London on 23rd March 2019 can be covered in full, up to a maximum of £100 per person. 

The opportunity to receive assistance is open to anyone who lives in the UK or Northern Ireland, outside the M25, but we hope that only those who really need assistance with the cost of a train ticket will register.   

Note:  Registering for assistance from getmetothemarch does not guarantee that you will receive a train ticket or a refund of any costs incurred in travelling to London.  The getmetothemarch team reserves the right to refuse or withdraw offers of assistance  at any time if deemed appropriate or necessary.


Local groups are organising  buses from all over the country at very reasonable prices.  Before registering for help with a train ticket, please check here to see if there is a bus leaving from a town near you.